GalileoTM Tactile Stimulus System

A multichannel GalileoTM somatosensory stimulator delivered punctate 50 ms pneumatic pulse (9ms rise/fall) stimuli at 2Hz through custom small-bore TAC-Cells (O.D. = 15mm, I.D. = 6mm, H = 6mm) on the right side of the face and right hand.
GalileoTAC faceTAC hand

fNIRS (Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, Techen Inc.)

NIRS machine
A 16-channel CW6 NIRS system with bifurcated fiber lasers (690 and 830 nm light) is used used to measure hemodynamic responses at a sampling rate of 50Hz.
NIRS data were processed using the following custom-built processing stream in Homer2.